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About us

MARKETER-IT is a team of sales and marketing professionals, specialized in supporting organizations in the IT industry in development and market expansion. If your organization deals with the distribution of IT products or services and is looking for efficient directions and methods of development and expansion on the market, we are the right Partner for you.

MARKETER-IT was created by a group of professionals who had been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years. While working for the manufacturers and vendors of IT solutions they noticed the need of founding an organization specializing in providing professional marketing services for the IT industry.

Our activities are characterized by comprehensiveness and quality. We have built an organization you can trust. An organization we needed ourselves when we were in your shoes. We support the manufacturers and vendors of IT solutions in increasing the level of sales, appropriate identification of their brand and products, building reputation and trust on the market – all these by providing marketing services at the world’s highest level and with compensation appropriate to our market.

What singles us out

  • Specialization

    We work only for organizations in IT industry. We specialize in providing them with efficient and effective sales and marketing methods. The focus on IT industry allows us to build exceptional and unique competences, experience and tools – everything to support the sales of our customers.

  • Results

    Our customers already know that they can trust us, because we provide them with results on time and on budget. We base our company culture on integration, values, quality and engagement. Our first customers have stayed with us all the time and place further orders.

  • Tools

    We have invested a lot in building IT tools with the demands of IT industry in mind. We know that IT market research and providing sales support services for IT solutions require efficient IT tools that our professionals use on the daily basis.

Trusted us

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Research of the IT market

  • Researching customer needs
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Market analyses
  • Victory and defeat analysis

Sales support for IT solutions

  • Lead generaton
  • Lead nurturing
  • Communication with leads
  • Organizing meetings

Marketing support for IT solutions

  • Content marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Organizing events
  • Contents visualization

IT Telemarketing

  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Inbound telemarketing

What we provide

We provide you the best quality of service, minimum problems, maximum reliability, and it’s all for the best price. Our actions are characterized by complexity, integrity and quality. It features on which we based our organization. We have built an organization you can trust. Organization which we needed when we were in your place. We are proud that we focused on cooperation. The fact that our existing customers entrust us with the next tasks, and the new – enter into cooperation with us only confirms this thesis.

Join us

To our team we are looking uncommon associates. Look who we are looking for.

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